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  • I made a Gotion Challenge in ACSC (Asian Cyber Security Challenge) 2023. This is a byte-range cache poisoning XSS challenge. Challenge Description: Gotion is yet another simple secure note service. You might have seen these kind of applications many times before, but try this one! Challenge Repository: https://github.com/tyage/acsc2023-gotion In ACSC 2023, I made a Gotion challenge and promotion video :) Thank you everyone who played! pic.twitter.com/SN4PXKkKid — もうダニ by 左京区在中 (@tyage) February 26, 2023 Challenge Details The challenge has three components: Go web application, nginx and bot.
    Created Sun, 12 Mar 2023 00:00:00 +0900
  • If you are developing some applications on GitHub, you might have seen pull requests from Depedabot. It automatically finds outdated vulnerable packages and sends pull requests to fix that. It is enabled by default and can make a commit on dependabot/* branch of many repositories on GitHub. Therefore, I thought If I could gain a controll of Dependabot, I can steal write permissions of those repositories. So I started to look into Dependabot.
    Created Mon, 12 Jul 2021 23:30:00 +0900
  • Gain write permission of repositories with a bug in GitHub Actions GitHub Actions is a useful feature for the jobs, for example, building, publishing. I found a bug which allows unauthorized users to edit the main branch of the repositories in GitHub. Repositories which enables GitHub Actions are affected but fortunately, the bug exists in a brief window from 2021/02/04 18:42 UTC to 2021/02/05 13:35 UTC. Also, protected branch is safe :)
    Created Fri, 02 Apr 2021 22:28:00 +0900