1. If you are developing some applications on GitHub, you might have seen pull requests from Depedabot. It automatically finds outdated vulnerable packages and sends pull requests to fix that. It is enabled by default and can make a commit on dependabot/* branch of many repositories on GitHub. Therefore, I thought If I could gain a controll of Dependabot, I can steal write permissions of those repositories. So I started to look into Dependabot.
    Updated July 12, 2021
  2. Gain write permission of repositories with a bug in GitHub Actions GitHub Actions is a useful feature for the jobs, for example, building, publishing. I found a bug which allows unauthorized users to edit the main branch of the repositories in GitHub. Repositories which enables GitHub Actions are affected but fortunately, the bug exists in a brief window from 2021/02/04 18:42 UTC to 2021/02/05 13:35 UTC. Also, protected branch is safe :)
    Updated April 2, 2021
  3. Spring framework, which is a popular web application framework for Java, supports “matrix variables”. With matrix variables, we can set the values of parameters in the path segment. // GET /owners/42;q=11/pets/21;q=22 @GetMapping("/owners/{ownerId}/pets/{petId}") public void findPet( @MatrixVariable(name="q", pathVar="ownerId") int q1, @MatrixVariable(name="q", pathVar="petId") int q2) { // q1 == 11 // q2 == 22 } source Some of you may have seen the URIs that contain session ID such as http://example.
    Updated June 19, 2020
  4. ブログをHugo + GitHub Pagesで運用することにしました。 10年以上WordPressでブログを運用していたのだけど、わざわざ専用のサーバを用意したりWordPressの更新を時々見たりするメリットもあまりないなと。

    Updated May 5, 2020
  5. なに

    CSP Embedded Enforcementを使って、JavaScriptで書かれたXSS mitigationをbypassできるパターンがあるという話。

    • Webページで同一オリジンのページをiframeで読み込める
    • WebページのヘッダにCSPが設定されていない
    • Webページに指定したHTMLを埋め込める(XSSができる)
    • ただし、WebページにJavaScriptによるXSS防御機構がある

    このとき、CSP Embedded Enforcementを使うことで、防御機構を回避して攻撃コードだけを実行することができる。

    Updated June 26, 2018
  6. SECCON 2017国際決勝に参加した。 5種類のKoH形式の問題と、いくつかのJeopardy形式の問題が出題された。 問題参(KoH)の問題文: The Raspberry Pi distributed to each team contains the Bingo-Service program Please log-in your Raspberry Pi ( ssh:, user/pass = pi/kenjiinwonderland ) Please set up Bingo-Service on : 80 If you click “Measure” button above, the system will accesses your Bingo-Service in a few minutes later “Measure” button can be clicked once every 7 minutes (Once you click it, you have to wait for 7 minutes)
    Updated March 22, 2018

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